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The Association of Croatian Felinological Organizations (SFDH)

The Association of Croatian Felinological Organizations (Savez felinoloških društava Hrvatske, SFDH) was founded in February 1992. That is when the first decision on founding an association on the level of the Republic of Croatia was made, to encompass all the felinological organizations in the country and represent Croatian felinology internationally.
Since these were the years of war and travelling was difficult, the first founding meeting of SFDH took place during the International Cat Show in Ljubljana, where representatives of all felinological organizations founded to date were present. After formal registration, a request was sent to FIFe (Federation International Feline) for being accepted under its auspices, which is standard procedure after which the country which has fulfilled all the requirements is accepted into full membership. Thus the SDFH operated under the patronage of Luxembourg and the mentorship of their president and international judge Mr Marco Pohl.
During FIFe General Assembly in Prague in 1994, SFDH was given full membership, since it, in the opinion of international judges and mentors, fulfilled all the FIFe requirements for accepting a new member country.

This was a speedy acceptance in the opinion of many, but it is worth mentioning that the members of felinological organizations who formed SFDH had years of experience in breeding and exhibiting cats, but had previously operated through neighbouring countries which were FIFe members.

The very beginning of serious felinological work dates back to the 70’s of the past century. Then the “cat lovers” exhibited cats as members of the “Pedigree Cat Breeding Club” from Bjelovar. The exhibitions in question did not grade nor use adjudication, but were leaning toward socializing and furthering felinology. At the same time, people exhibited abroad through Federations which were full members of FIFe, most often the Slovene one.
With the disintegration of former Yugoslavia, there was also the need for “cat independence”, and thus the idea of a Croatian cat federation was born, and quickly realized through tenacity of the organizers. Since its inception SFDH has held numerous shows and manifestations.

The work of SFDH received recognition when FIFe decided, during its General Assembly of 2007 in Slovakia, to entrust it with organizing World Cat Show in Croatia in 2012.

Three felinological associations are active in Croatia today, within SFDH: those in Križevci, Split and Zagreb. Ms Vesna Rižnar Rešetić, felinological judge with all categories and a member of the FIFe Judges Commission is the president of SFDH.
You can find more information on contacting individual organizations and the Association itself by visiting